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Amy Holland: Content Writer

Everybody has had the unfortunate experience of having idea after idea and never actually seeing them through to fruition. We’ve all been there, and that’s the beauty of, they understand how important your ideas are, so they’ve created a wonderful tool that can take your best brainwaves from the ideation stage to completion. is a powerhouse application that’s great for marketers, designers and new startups, or just about anybody who needs to bring their ideas to life. It allows you to break down your idea into individual steps, making the it digestible and easy to tackle. It then allows you to brainstorm with your team or clients, or whoever’s input you feel is needed.

Once you’ve worked out all the kinks and the idea is made actionable, you can assign and schedule the segmented tasks to members of your team and start making real progress!


  • Makes it easy for you to keep track of great ideas.
  • Helps you to refine your ideas through planning and brainstorming.
  • Allows you to put your great ideas into action. is a completely free tool.


The application takes you through various stages of the idea process namely:

  • Ideation- Document your idea using words, images and links. Break down the idea into individual “next steps”, and brainstorm with the team.
  • Actionable- Mark as actionable, assign the individual “next steps” to the relevant team members and schedule a due date.
  • Completed- Once an idea has been executed, it can be marked as “completed”.
  • Not taken- If an idea isn’t up to scratch, simply mark as “not taken”.


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you can assign and schedule the segmented tasks to members of your team
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Get from Ideas to Execution – Project planning tool that lets you capture every great idea, collaboratively brainstorm and turn them into actionable projects plans.

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