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Amy Holland: Content Writer

We all know what it’s like trying to take notes on our phones or in a notebook, only to have lots of little thoughts scattered everywhere and not being able to make sense of anything. That’s what makes Mindmeister so great, it’s a mind mapping tool that allows you to document your thoughts in a visual setting.

You could use it purely for yourself or you could share your mind map with a team, allowing them to immediately see any changes made. Now you can create easily accessible and convenient mind maps wherever you are and brainstorm with your team.You can use it to make notes for easy reference, and even create slide-show presentations out of your mindmaps.

After the brainstorming and planning phase, you can take your ideas into MeisterTask which is integrated into Mindmeister, where you can assign them as actionable tasks to members of your team.




Use it for:

  • Brainstorming
  • Note Taking
  • Planning
  • Meeting Management

Mindmeister is completely free!


  • It’s web-based so you won’t have to download or update anything.
  • Create a visual brainstorm and take notes.
  • Share it with your colleagues.
  • Your colleagues can now see your mindmap and discuss it using the integrated chat.
  • Create slide-show presentations.
  • Drag and drop ideas from mindmap into integrated MeisterTask and assign to team members.
take your ideas into MeisterTask which is integrated into Mindmeister
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