Google labeling a client site as not mobile friendly in the search results.

Everything has been done to eliminate Non-Friendly Mobile errors.
Optimizing the pages. And still the errors are showing up in the Search Results.

Google Not Mobile Friendly

Running a mobile-friendly test, and the result is ‘Page is mobile-friendly”.

Google Not Mobile Friendly

The Mobile Speed is not too bad either, as mentioned on seroundtable, “The one thing I saw in common, with the exception of this example is that they all have red colored page speed scores. But like I said, there was at least one exception, so I am not sure.”

In my case, none have red colored page speed scores.

Google Not Mobile Friendly

The only errors on the pages are Adsense & Double Click Redirect Errors.

John Mueller from Google Tweeted the following last year:

john mueller tweet - Mobile friendly pages

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