SEO Strategy written by WebCEO.

“When you aim to get your website on Page 1 of Google, you will quickly face the reality of online competition – all the prestigious spots on that page are already taken.
There’s more than one way to reach the top, but SEO is the best – especially when you do it yourself. Take a look at all the options to see what I mean.”

The following covers what pointers are mentioned in the Strategy by WebCEO. 

Stage 1: Make an Accurate List of Your Competitors
Before you start a fight, you will need to choose your opponents first. And you will need to choose them correctly.

Stage 2: Analyze Your Competitors’ SEO Strengths & Weaknesses
The next step is a thorough analysis of your competitors’ websites.

Stage 3: The Real Fight Begins
Wholesome SEO implies reinforcing your website’s position on all fronts. That’s how you beat your competitors, after all.

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